Chick-Fil-A is often maligned by some segments of the mainstream media and far left-leaning people on social media for its CEO Dan Cathy’s public upholding of traditional, biblical views on marriage. It was national news when Cathy, son of Chick-Fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, stated publicly that he was “guilty as charged” when it came to supporting traditional marriage, leading to boycotts of the chain across the country.

But in the wake of the horrifying tragedy of the bloody attack on a gay nightclub, Pulse in Orlando, that left 50 dead and more than 50 injured, Chick-Fil-A did something completely out of the ordinary that has not generated much media coverage at all.

It is well known that Chick-Fil-A, keeping in line with its biblical corporate values, closes all of its locations on Sundays. But in the face of tragedy, they broke their corporate policy and opened their location on University and Rouse Roads to aid those giving blood to the victims of the attacks.

Employees cooked up hundreds of their chicken sandwiches and brewed dozens of gallons of sweet tea and delivered the food and drinks to the One Blood donation center. The food and drinks were handed out, free of charge, to all the people who had lined up to donate blood.

in an interview Cindy Coffman, Chick-fil-A’s Area Marketing Director, said “When you’re in the midst of a tragedy, you just go where you’re told you are needed. We went out this morning and took chicken biscuits, orange juice, and coffee to police and firefighters and even some of the volunteers as well. We were able to go over to the community blood center and give cards for free sandwiches to some of the people who were donating blood. The community around us has been absolutely incredible. We feel humbled to just be a part of the bigger picture.”

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  1. I would not say that this was out of character for Chick FIL A. They were not “open for business,” rather they were performing and act of kindness to their neighbor in need, or to those helping their neighbor in need. This is totally in keeping with the message of the Gospel. Jesus was constantly being called out for helping people on the Sabbath. That is totally different from going to work like it is just another business day.

    • Very alert thinking, Erin. Some people want this act of kindness to look like an admission of error on the part of Chic-fil-A for having their wonderful Christian values. It’s no admission of error by Chic-fil-A. It’s a louder expression of their Christian beliefs, as Jesus so obviously did and upheld against non-believers. You can bet they’ll be the same great Christian Chic-fil-A after their charity work in Orlando. That’s a main reason I have been, and will continue to be, s steady customer of theirs throughout the years.

  2. Yes, it was a good thing to do. But was donating $250,000 to support the Kill-the-Gays bill in Uganda in keeping with “Biblical values”. Jesus said to “Love one another” and “May he who is without sin cast the first stone” (not that being gay is a sin. It’s not.) Your article pretends that people were upset by Cathy’s comments. Nope. It was his ACTIONS in donating money to promote murderous legislation Jesus would most certainly oppose. Your article also leaves out the fact that gay people are forbidden from giving blood, so this was a convenient way for Chick-fil-A to appear compassionate without having to rub elbows with the people they so malign. They were once removed from the victims, conveniently. As someone who has been active in a ministry in a wonderful, affirming Jesuit parish for 37 years, I will still never set foot in a Chick-fil-A.

    • Why is there a “but” at all? Recognize the help that has been given and call it a day. Homosexuals and the LGBT people are SO SENSITIVE when you should just live your life like every other disenfranchised people and STFU. I co-exist with racists and they are entitled to their feelings about me being black, ugly, stupid and therefore ineligible for basic human rights and I don’t give a damn. You may say that being gay is not a sin, and I disagree, but I think we(straight folk) can all agree that being gay is unnatural and it’s confusing for our children. We were made male and female for a reason and you pervert Gods very will by attempting to become what HE has NOT made you to be. How did God make a mistake by having you born male but you(your wonderfully human self) say that you should’ve been born female? Explain. The absolute HIGHEST demographic of HIV/AIDS exists within the LGBT community so no, you cannot donate blood, just so we can rule out at least the largest risk of infection even thought there are others that carry it as well. I really wish you guys would go away and have your own country where you can be proud and free and fly your rainbow flag elsewhere.

      • Being gay is NOT A CHOICE! Your stupid response is a choice. Maybe if you educated yourself with more than the Bible you would learn more about HIV/AIDS.

        • Define “gay.” Engaging in homosexual acts willingly is a choice. The issue is that the term “gay” is often used ambiguously without distinction. For example a person can experience same-sex attraction and never engage in homosexual acts. Many will infer that someone is “gay” without making distinctions as it relates to chosen behaviors and specific acts committed.

  3. Thank you chic fil a. You helped in a time of need and thats what matters. Stand by YOUR beliefs; thats what this country was founded on. God and the Declaration first.


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