Foul play is being investigated after many churchgoers reported severe headaches and tingling in the face after coming into contact with “poisoned” holy water at Notre Dame Cathedral.

Churchgoers that attended Mass at the Notre Dame Cathedral last Saturday reported that they’ve suffered from a severe headache and tingling faces after making the sign of the cross with the holy water from the fonts near the church’s entrance. Others reported that the water was giving off a foul smell.

A priest suspected foul play and reported the “poisoning” to the police. Police officials said that “they complained of tingling in the face after signing themselves with the holy water at the entrance of the church,” but deemed there to be no risk to the public and did not open an official investigation.

One priest said that “it is, unfortunately, an act of malice. They want to poison the world.” In turn, cathedral officials drained all of the fonts and scrubbed them with bleach to remove any potential contaminants.

The local mayor, Ariel Weil, has said that “if it is a desecration, we will seize the subject with the greatest gravity,” and “we will go to the end of this case.”

If foul play is proven, this will be the latest in a string of attacks and foiled plots against the Cathedral. Notre Dame Cathedral has been a high-profile target with special significance to Islamic terrorists owing to the historical fact that in 1185, Patriarch Heraclius, archbishop of Caesarea and Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, called for the Third Crusade from the Cathedral.

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  1. oh, would I love to see this great cathedral in person! May God protected the cathedral and all who enter there from all evil.


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