Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, the Vicar General for the portion of the Diocese of Rome outside Vatican City, is the first known cardinal to test positive for coronavirus.

Cardinal Donatis was admitted yesterday to the Gemelli University Hospital, the largest hospital in Rome, with a fever and symptoms of COVID-19. According to the Diocese of Rome, Donatis is in good condition and has started an antiviral therapy, while those who work closely with him are self-isolating.

Cardinal Donatis gave a statement from the hospital on his condition:

“I feel serene and confident amid this trial. I entrust myself to the Lord and to support from the prayers of all of you, dear faithful of the Church in Rome. I live this moment as an occasion given to me in Providence so that I can share the sufferings of so many brothers and sisters. I offer my prayers for them, for the whole diocesan community and for the inhabitants of the city of Rome.”

While Pope Francis is the Bishop of Rome, he delegates much of the daily operations of running the Diocese to Cardinal Donatis as the vicar general. Donatis, 66, becameĀ  an Auxiliary Bishop of Rome in 2015, Vicar General of Rome in 2017, and was inducted into the cardinalate in 2018.

It’s believed that while Cardinal Donatis hasn’t had any contact with Pope Francis recently, and the Vatican confirmed last Friday that Pope Francis and his closest advisors did not have coronavirus. You can read the official statement from the Diocese of Rome here (via Google Translate).

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