The French National Assembly passed a bill organizing funds for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral, 3 months after the devastating fire.

In April the Notre Dame Cathedral was consumed by flames, burning the wooden roof and iconic spire to ash. Fortunately, the “main structure” was saved and preserved.

Following the fire, numerous donations amounting to over a billion dollars poured in to fund the restoration. In May, Archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit said the pledged “donations have not yet been made,” as no legal framework was setup to distribute them accordingly.

On Tuesday, the French National Assembly passed a bill to do just that. It will provide oversight for the $1.3 billion pledged by individual, corporate, and private donors. While a previous version of the bill stipulated a restoration to the cathedral’s “last known visual state,” the passed version does not include any such language.

Following the 99-8-33 vote, French Culture Minister Franck Riester said

“There was a mountain of rubble there just a few weeks before – we need to take all the necessary measures. The hardest thing is now ahead of us. We need to strengthen the cathedral for ever and then restore it. The aim is to give Notre-Dame a restoration appropriate for the place it has in the hearts of the French people and in the entire world.”

Even today, the vault of is at risk of collapse, says Notre-Dame’s chief architect Philippe Villeneuve: “we are not at all in the restoration phase – we are still in the urgent securing” of the cathedral.

Click here to watch an exclusive first look from lead architects of the restoration of the iconic Parisian cathedral.

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