After speaking with Pope Francis last Wednesday, Bishop Heinz-Josef Algermissen said he expressed “dramatic concern” about the Church in Germany.

Bishop Algermissen said Pope Francis expressed his frustration with the so-called “Synodal Way” of the German bishops, who says it is overly focused on “political questions.”

After the Vatican intervened saying the proposed “binding” votes at the end of the “Synodal Way were “not ecclesiologically valid,” Pope Francis reportedly said his message had been ignored.

Algermissen said he urged him “very clearly and expressively” to “make sure that the letter is remembered.”

Last month, Pope Francis expressed a similar concern “about the situation of the Church in Germany” to President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity Cardinal Kurt Koch.

Cardinal Koch said he “heard from other sources that the pope has expressed his concern in personal conversations.”

He added that Pope Francis had “concern” not just about intercommunion with Protestants, “but about the situation of the Church in Germany in general.”

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