Is the COVID-19 quarantine making you feel disconnected from God, the Church and your Faith?

What about your kids? Are you struggling to keep the light of the Faith burning in their hearts?

In the midst of this pandemic, there’s an often-overlooked silver lining: the rediscovery of the home as the Domestic Church.

Those of us with families have had no choice but to renew or reclaim our role as the primary witnesses to the Faith for our children. If you’re like me, you’ve probably had many small victories with plenty of room to grow.

During this time when we may be cut off from our physical parish, it’s important to have really good resources to keep our kids engaged in the Faith and to help them learn and live it more fully. Through the years, my wife and I have found some great ways to teach our children even when we can’t be in a physical church. These tools have become vital during the pandemic.

We’ve discovered some really great books about the Catechism that present the Faith in a way that’s exciting for children and young people. One of my favorites uses Legos as a teaching tool. We’ve also learned that our children love a Bible with stunning illustrations and colorful prose that really brings the characters to life and makes them relatable. We’ve even found a comic-style book of saints that captivates our children while also inspiring us to live our best Catholic lives. When it comes to helping our children to develop a strong prayer life, we search for books that invite them to do projects like create a prayer corner or make a rosary.

The Hallow app is another excellent resource to keep you connected to prayer no matter where you are. The new family feature is perfect for parents of young children and teenagers. With the family feature, you can build a regular prayer routine, share your reflections as a family, request prayer intentions from loved ones and immerse yourselves in God’s presence.

These uncertain times can be stressful for children as well as adults. Using the Hallow app as a guide, you can help your family find peace through meditation and prayer. From daily Gospel passages to the rosary to the Examen and much more, Hallow offers more than 300 sessions to strengthen your family’s prayer life and unite you in the presence of God’s love.

With a free trial of the Hallow app, you can begin strengthening your Domestic Church right now. There’s never been a better time to give it a try.

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