It is no secret that the Catholic Church is subject to abject scrutiny and calumny in attempts to paint the Holy Mother Church in a bad light by those who wish to see the Church made lesser.

An example of this are recent ‘perceptions’ held falsely by some that the late Pope Saint John Paul II the Great covered up abuse during his pontificate.

The false perceptions were once again rebuked, this particular time by Monsignor Slawomir Oder, postulator for JPII’s cause for canonization and judicial vicar of the ordinary tribunal of the Diocese of Rome.

Oder said definitively: “No, John Paul II didn’t cover up for any pedophile,” in a virtual press conference on the 15th.

He added that extensive research was done in the Vatican Archives on “questions pertinent to the topic” – but there “doesn’t exist [any evidence] that could in some way impugn the conduct of John Paul II.”

“I can assure you, no element existed that would make it possible to cast a shadow of guilt on the part of John Paul II. Certainly, it’s a phenomenon that needs to be studied for some time, [but] we did not find anything that could in some way block the cause of John Paul II regarding abuse.”

Oder added that “it hurts me” to hear such “gossip that destabilizes” the life of the Church, and that he “love[s] the church and “pray[s] for the church.”

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