Following her meeting with Pope Francis in April, Katy Perry has come out and said that her mother prayed her whole life the singer would “come back to God,” and that she is now more focused on “spirituality” in her thirties.

In an interview given to Vogue Australia, Katy Perry said her first hit single after she left home at 15 to pursue a music career, 2008’s “I Kissed a Girl,” was not a family favorite.

“My mom has prayed for me my entire life, hoping I’d come back to God. I never left Him, I was just a little bit secular, I was more materialistic and more career-driven. But now that I’m in my thirties, it’s more about spirituality and heart wholeness.”

Katy Perry says her change comes after her meeting with Pope Francis earlier this year in April, where she attended the “United to Cure” conference hosted by Pontifical Council for Culture to speak about her experience with meditation. She brought with her to the Vatican her mother and Orlando Bloom.

“I’m such a big fan of Pope Francis. It’s a combination of compassion, humility, sternness and refusal. He is rebel – a rebel for Jesus.”

Katy Perry even listed her favorite papal facts: that he took his papal name after Saint Francis of Assisi, her favorite saint, and that he is known for being a humble man that prefers a simple lifestyle.

“He is bringing the Church back to humility and connecting with people. He’s very humble and not frivolous.”

Katy Perry was humble herself, saying that although Bloom was in attendance, that isn’t what she wanted the headlines to be about.

“I don’t want it to be a headline of the story, because it takes away from the purpose. That is one part of me, and I don’t want any part of what I do to be diminished.”

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  1. She says she has become ‘more spiritual’. Unfortunately, spirituality has no rules or limits. And that is satans realm. Rules and limits are the very things that demons reject. They don’t understand that to set limits on something is to define the thing. Removing boundaries removes the meaning.
    I always recall a clip from an animated move, The Incredibles, the villan in the movie has no super powers, his ability is inventing gadgets that can do extraodinary things. He uses those things for evil.
    He calls himself Syndrome. The line is, “when I finish, everyone will be super….that way, nobody will be!”

    • Katy Perry was married to Russell Brand-English Actor-Stand Up Comedians and at the time Perry referred to Brand as a “man of God”-Brand divorced his wife on New Year’s Eve via a text message-Personally I feel no resentment not feel anything emotionally towards Perry that I would not for any fellow human being-be they “celebrity” or average “joe”-there are three “bones of contention”
      1. has a huge following of young girls that join her club “The Katy Kats”-IMHO-not best influence*
      2.embroiled in court battle in an effort to buy an old monastery in CA-one of the Nuns objecting to the sale has fatal heart attack during court proceedings* (monastery 4 creating videos etc)
      3.has a routine during concert asking concert-goers turn to one another and have a touchy feely moment-hug-say I love you-(usually a reference is then made by commenters “oh wasn’t she brought up Catholic or something, she grew up doing this) condescending at least to conservative Catholics as I perceive myself to be.


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