The Knights of Columbus have crossed donated the 1000th machine to US pregnancy care centers in their “ultrasound initiative” to save unborn lives.

In 2009, the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus announced they would provide for half the cost of an ultrasound machine if local councils raised the rest of the funds required – each costing around 30,000 dollars.

Ten years later, the ultrasound initiative crossed the “historic milestone” when Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic, former abortion clinic turned into a free care center, received the 1000th ultrasound machine.

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson commented on the program that is “saving hundreds of thousands of lives.”

“Building a culture of life requires all of us to strive for the just treatment of innocent unborn children and to accompany with compassionate concern women facing crisis pregnancies.”

Anderson called the gifting of the 1000th machine “a historic milestone,” saying “there are still many more milestones ahead of us in the lives of thousands of vulnerable unborn children.”

The “ten years in the making” ultrasound initiative has placed ultrasound machines in care clinics across every US state, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada, Jamaica, Peru, along with places in Africa. But the Knights say even though they reached their goal, they aren’t done:

“Our Ultrasound Initiative must continue to expand into every community where it is needed.”

The 1000th machine was blessed by Bishop Burbridge of the Diocese of Arlington.

“We want to do everything we can to promote the gospel of life, but ultimately it’s entrusting our work and our intentions to the Lord. It’s ultimately his work and upon his grace that we must depend.”

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