According to Radio Vaticana, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta is to be made a Saint. Pope Francis on Thursday authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to promulgate a decree regarding a miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Teresa.

The miracle recognized by Pope Francis involved the inexplicable recovery of a Brazilian man who suddenly woke from a coma caused by a viral brain infection was due to the intercession of the Albanian nun, who died in 1997.

The Rev. Brian Kolodiejchuk, the postulator spearheading Mother Teresa’s canonization case, said in a statement Friday that the man fully recovered following his wife’s prayers and he has since returned to work as a mechanical engineer. The couple also have had two children.

News of the pope’s approval, confirmed Friday (Dec. 18) by the Vatican, was first reported late Thursday by the newspaper of the Italian bishops conference, Avvenire.

It noted that the pontiff’s action came three days after a Vatican panel of cardinals and bishops affirmed the judgment of medical experts and theologians who concluded that there was no medical explanation for the apparent cure.

Church observers said the pope would probably canonize Mother Teresa next year on Sunday, Sept. 4, the day before the anniversary of her death, which is also her official feast day.

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  1. Please pray for our world, Mother Teresa. The world you traveled & spread your kindness to the weakest of the weak, & the sickest of the sick. With gratitude & love..

  2. Pray for my family and I, I will never forget your congregation which took good care of my family from zero, from the scratch, from nothing to something, I remember I suffered certain skin disease:I had sores all over my body,,,, but now I am better,,, all this is because of the existence of your congregation,,,,,, they gave me all the basic needs, clothes, food, shelter, education,,,,,,,
    And in all this I give you my life as a dedication to you as a simple priest if God wishes.
    I am very happy to here that you will be a saint….. Thank you our Shepherd Pope Francis. Live long papa.

  3. Blessed mother Theresa please pray for my lost soul. I have lost everything I can call my own including myself. May your intercession restore me back to where I am supposed to be and give me assets i would use to glorify God.

  4. Comment:Mother Tesesa of calcutta please pray for me as soon you wil be canonised to be a saint that i may endure all sufferings of this world and always try to be holy.Pray for my success in academics that i may prosper to glorify the Almighty

  5. Asante Mungu kumkubali mother Theresa. Sasa nakuomba uwe msimamizi wa familia yangu Na hasa watoto wetu watakapokuwa masomoni.

  6. I am happy and thankful to be named after a Saint like you. Please pray for my family, relatives and friends that all our sickness be healed, guide and protect us from harm and may His grace be upon us. In Jesus name, Papa Joseph and Mama Mary I pray. Amen.

  7. Mother I need ur a son of yours I beg to bless my intentions..heal me from the Bond age of sins…bless my family with peace. Keep under your loving protection from all my sickness.

  8. Mother Please pray for me and my family that all our sickness be healed and bless my family with peace. Please give me a strength to start my own business

  9. Blessed Mother Teresa,
    ntercede for my grandchild befoe the throne of our Lord. He is need of physical healing from two life threatening illnesses. Praised be Jesus Christ now and forever.

  10. How exactly do we know it was her who performed the miracle (assuming of course that it was a “miracle” and not simply an unexplained medical event)

  11. may u heal our country and the neighboring nations from the chronic disease of injustices prevailing through them and guide all leaders to emulate your example and that of our lord Jesus Christ Amen.

  12. Blessed Mother Teresa pray for me and the whole of my family, heal all the diseases and the pain that we are facing, help my young sis Teresa to go thru her studies safely

  13. Dearest Mother visited me in a dream 20 years ago when I was expecting my second child .She told me “love your baby !”The following day her words became clear : she meant that mothers should not kill their babies. The sono revealed that my son would not live. Despite the doctor’s insistence that we terminate that “bad” pregnancy I carried him to term. He stayed with us one short hour and was buried on the same day as Mother : September 13th , my birthday.
    A year later we named our next daughter Theresa.
    Praise God for her life and ministry to me and thousands others.

  14. Pray for me, my son, my friends and my family. As we enter this new year let it be a year of blessings, please mother Teresa pray for my son for good health, good education and make him grow in a christian way, protect us from every danger, every evil spirit and cover us with the Blood of Jesus christ. Amen

  15. I give glory to god by giving u the mind to win the body. ,,,,, help me pray to god to give me dsame mind to win my body so that my soul wil rejoice at the end

  16. Mother Theresa, pray for my dear brother Francis Kizza who got a stroke eight months back so that he gets completely cured and gets back to work. Pray for my entire family and all those with shortcomings in life.

  17. Why isn’t Mother Theresa deemed a saint by virtue of the life she lived??? She answered God’s call to mercy and love in a exemplary way.
    I am a lifelong Catholic and am aware of the “miracle rule”. However, I find it medieval, archaic and distracting from the saintliness she bestowed upon thousands in a lifetime. Please explain the logic in the miracle rule.
    Does anyone else feels like it distracts from the matter at hand??

    • Divine Providence… as quickly as possible those miracles were recognized… how many more miracles there truly must be !… there are MANY unnamed saints whom all of us have known – may ALL the saints continue to intercede and watch over us !!

  18. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, please pray for all the sick especially for a dear friend of mine, Vicky Kliatchko Cruz-Marinas. May God’s blessings heal her from her illness.

  19. Blessed Mother Pray for my family to be blessed and all our prayers be answered and all our needs be supplied by GOD. I ask in Jesus name. Amen

  20. Comment:mother teresa please pray for me that i should come out of this bondage.i lack peace,comfort and suffer oppression at work my marriage life is also source of suffering with no love & harmony.pray for my


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