Every parent knows that trying to keep a young child’s attention is no easy task! For every parent who has tried to sit their kids down to teach them about their faith, you’ll find a parent who has had to compete with all the other distractions and the natural energy of children.

That’s why Fuzati, a Texas-based Catholic technology firm has created the revolutionary app “Little Saint Adventures“. The app, available for Apple and Android devices features over 50 faithful, engaging games and activities that teach children about the Catholic faith.

Each of the games is set in a collection of 5 worlds hosted, by a different saint, where kids learn about specific themes. For example, in Francis Forest, Saint Francis teaches about creation, in Shamrock Isle, Saint Patrick teaches about the Trinity, or in Nazareth Village, hosted by St. John the Baptist where kids learn about the Holy Family. In each of these worlds, there are games, animated bible stories, and other activities that are fun to play, but also teach them solid faith curriculum developed by professional Catholic catechists and educators.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the app is that it is actually two apps in a bundle, one for kids and one for parents. On the kids’ apps, kids play and learn. In the parents portal, moms and dads can review their children’s activity, getting notifications on what they learned about and then get customized recommendations on how to reinforce and engage with their children, including conversation starters, offline activities they can do together, and more.

Check out a preview of the app

The app is available for Apple Devices and Android Devices

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