Last Thursday, Father Juan Benitez blessed the city of Rochester in New York and its surrounding suburbs from 2000 feet above.

Father Benitez is the parochial vicar of Saint Louis Catholic Church in Pittsford, just southeast of Rochester. With the help of parishioner and pilot Anthony Daniele, Benitez was able to bless his parish the same way he says the priests in his native Colombia did when he was a child.

Benitez said he hoped to comfort the Faithful with his aerial sprinkling of Holy Water and blessing of Monroe Country during a time of fear and anxiety surrounding the coronavirus pandemic:

“The intention was just to tell the people that they are not alone. Many people are afraid, they have never seen this in their lifetime. In these moments, the church becomes someplace to find comfort.”

Daniele obtained special permission to fly at a low altitude, 2000 feet instead of the usual 6,000 feet. Slowing the plane down to just 90 mph, Benitez opened the window, poured out one of the bottles of Holy Water he brought with him, then said a prayer “extended to everyone, praying for the whole world and the whole country.”

“The world is stopping. This is an opportunity in the midst of a crisis. One of the positives things is families are together. Good things could come. Families could strengthen their bonds. The message is, ‘Don’t worry. God is with you. Enjoy your family, your people, be at peace, eat well, rest and recharge energy. And of course, be safe.”

Watch Father Benitez below:

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    • Mar. 19, 2020 St Joseph Feast Day
      Jesus speaks in His still small Voice during Adoration to All His Children:

      “Dear Children,”

      “Guard your hearts and minds from wrong thinking. Cherish your faith and walk in the way of Christ on the road to Emmaus. Together you will meet up with Him, and your eyes will be opened for good. Rejoice, Brothers and Sisters. Rejoice in the God who came to save and set souls free to worship the one, True and Sovereign God. I am He. My Father and I are one in the Holy Spirit.”

      “Remember all that I have told you. Even if the stars in the sky should fall, know that I am God, and I am with you. Rest in Me knowing that all will be well, those of you who have chosen the better portion. To love is to surrender, to let go of self, and to serve in love and mercy. Great mercy is found in the cross. How many of you see your cross as a heavy burden rather than an anchor that keeps you connected in humble obedience?”

      “Yes, suffering is not easy, but I long to carry your burdens with you and for you. I long to give you peace in the midst of great upheaval. I am the Risen Christ. See what the Father did with My willingness to do His Will. Look upon My Cross and see the God who Loves you beyond measure, then place your trust in Me , and go forward in faith. Hasten to trust in the Lord your God in all situations, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad. I will not fail you.”

  1. Jesus speaks regarding the Church Leaders, our Nation, and Chastisement

    “Dear Sharon” Feb. 8, 2020

    “Do not be heavily burdened. Release your concerns to Me. This is My battle and My people. At least you are now moving forward. I will spare your nation for this obedience you have given Me. Still the Chastisement must come; you know that. My bishops will choose according to their own hearts how they will lead My people. As for you, go forward in faith. Ask My Bishop in what way are My words not clear? I have asked My people to stand upon the principles given this Nation and yet good men did nothing. Church officials turned a deaf ear to what was occurring, and My children were slaughtered in the name of healthcare. Now I demand obedience of My shepherds to educate My flock, not hinder them.”

    “I am providing a way out of the darkness that wants to consume My people. See how leaders need constant prayer? The body must cooperate. Open your hearts, O people of God. Open your hearts and move. Protect the innocent, govern the unruly, but love them all. Send forth My people onto the battlefield, but go before them clearing the way with prayer. Then I, your God, who is merciful and kind, will hear and answer your prayers. Walk alone – stand in power, pride, or self-government, and all the more will be lost, including all those who caused its downfall by refusing to listen and discern My voice. Go now in peace. Do not take upon yourself My concerns; only remain loyal and obedient to My leading you.”

    “Jesus, Eternal Word”

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    • I might be wrong. However the last time priests were left with vulnerable people. Some kids were scarred for life. I don’t necessarily think that giving our most the priests are good idea.


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