Marcus Freeman began his conversion when arrived in South Bend, Indiana as successor to longtime Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly. He called his decision to join the Church a “family decision” and a “personal decision.”

“I tried to keep it as private as I could. Obviously, when you’re head coach at Notre Dame, nothing is private.”

The news of his conversion came about after his home parish of Saint Pius X Catholic Church in Granger, Indiana published an announcement welcoming him into the Church in their bulletin.

In an August 31st interview, Freeman said he was grateful for Notre Dame because of the school’s emphasis on Faith.

“That’s important for me. I want our guys to wonder about what it means to embrace Jesus Christ.”

As head coach, he instated the team’s game-day Mass.

“To me, what better time is there to go have Mass? What better time to be able to really be on the edge of your seat to get every word that comes out of the priest’s mouth and to be as close to God as you can?”

Photo credit: Marcus_Freeman1 via Twitter
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