On Wednesday, CVS Health was sued in Virginia by nurse practitioner Paige Casey.

Casey says she was fired in late March for refusing to provide certain abortion drugs and contraceptives.

She explained to CVS her belief in life beginning at conception as a Catholic meant she could not provide any healthcare that violates her Faith.

For years, she had been granted a religious accommodation allowing her to opt-out of providing specific drugs. Last year, CVS changed their company policy to no longer provide any religious accommodations.

Michael DeAngelis, a regional CVS spokesperson, explained now “it is not possible … to grant an accommodation that exempts an employee from performing the essential functions of their job.”

“We cannot grant exemptions from these essential MinuteClinic functions.” 

Kevin Theriot, the lawyer representing Casey, said however that “CVS created a problem where none existed.”

“Very rarely do corporations just come out and fire somebody because of their religious convictions. Every American should have the freedom to operate according to their ethical and religious beliefs.”

He added that Virginia specifically bars employers from firing employees who object to abortion on religious grounds.

🙏 Pray for the unborn!

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