More funds are still needed for the Notre-Dame restoration efforts says the Archbishop of Paris, as the pledged “donations have not yet been made.”

In an official statement last week, Archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit said that of the 1 billion Euros pledged for the restoration of the cathedral, only 13.5 million Euros have actually been collected.

“The famous ‘billion’ is not consolidated by any foundation or authority. While there will probably be no questioning of the most important donations promised by renowned patrons who have publicly committed themselves, the fact remains that most of these donations have not yet been realized.”

He explained the reason for the disparity, as a legal framework to duly handle the donations is not yet in place.

“Simple, the discussions are just starting to prepare conventions of private law. They will also serve as a framework for expressing the will of these major donors.”

Even though though over a billion Euros have been pledged for restoration efforts, Aupetit said that “the necessary budget is still unknown” and that “the needs appear considerable.”

“Any given euro will be a euro that will serve to reshape the heart of the cathedral. It will be used to finance an ambitious but necessary restoration program.”

Aupetit’s statement came in response after the Fondation de Patrimoine, one of four state-backed heritage groups officially tasked with collecting funds for the Notre-Dame, announced it would stop accepting donations for it’s restoration citing a “full tank.”

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