In December of 2019, the Diocese of Peoria announced Venerable Fulton Sheen’s beatification was “postponed” by the Holy See following the “request of a few members of the [US] Bishop’s conference.”

Two years later, Bishop Louis Tylka, Coadjutor Bishop of Peoria says still: “I don’t know much.”

“Basically, the cause was put on hold, and there really hasn’t been movement.”

Earlier this month in New York, a temporary window allowing lawsuits over child sexual abuse claims beyond the statute of limitations ended. Tylka said some believe the closing of this window will allow the cause to move forward, even though the statement in 2019 from the Diocese of Rochester said:

“There are no complaints against Archbishop Sheen engaging in any personal inappropriate conduct, nor were any insinuations made in this regard.”

Tylka too said he has not been made aware of any accusations against Sheen either.

“We have to deal with this in an honest and open way. We have not uncovered any, any situation that would question his actions as a bishop or as a priest. I think the immediate hope is now that this window is done, as quickly as possible, all those files can be reviewed, and [will show no evidence of misconduct against Sheen].”

He added that although he has “no power to make him a saint, I believe the man should be made a saint.”

“What I can do, in my diocese, is hold him up as an exemplary model of discipleship to Jesus Christ.”

Learn more about the miracle approved by Pope Francis attributed to Venerable Servant of God Bishop Fulton J. Sheen here.

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