After Australia’s High Court acquitted Cardinal George Pell of all charges and declared him an innocent man, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne was vandalized by those who apparently were unsatisfied with the rule of law and justice.

The main door to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral was spray painted with a cartoon devil with the message “ROT IN HELL, PELL.” Other doors were spray painted with upside down crosses and the words “NO JUSTICE,” “RAPIST PAEDO,” and “The law protects the powerful.” At the monastery where Pell spent his first night as a free man after 405 days of imprisonment, for some reason a tricycle was tied to the monastery fence.

Archbishop Peter Comensoli of Melbourne said he was “not entirely surprised” at the vandalism.

“There remains such strong emotions around all of these matters. I think everyone is going to continue to hold their own particular position on all of this. I would hope that people in the cooler light of the evening will consider what the High Court judgment said and see that in its legal context.”

Director of the office of the Archbishop of Melbourne Annie Carrett said there will be some increased security around the cathedral to prevent more vandalism, “but we are not looking to create an atmosphere of fear.”

“We will be very mindful of the pain a lot of people are going through in a difficult time.”

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