In a detestable, but characteristically callous, tweet a Planned Parenthood branch in Pennsylvania tweeted that Disney needs to create a princess “who’s had an abortion”.

The tweet, which was ostensibly part of a Twitter trend in which users sarcastically or humorously tweet what kind of princess Disney should create next.

The full text of the since deleted post:

The tweet received immediate backlash and disgust for its unconscionable insensitivity. In response,  Melissa Reed, Planned Parenthood’s president and CEO said

“Today, we joined an ongoing Twitter conversation about the kinds of princesses people want to see in an attempt to make a point about the importance of telling stories that challenge stigma and championing stories that too often don’t get told. Upon reflection, we decided that the seriousness of the point we were trying to make was not appropriate for the subject matter or context, and we removed the tweet.”

No, Planned Parenthood, we do not need to use children’s entertainment to push acceptance of the grave evil of abortion. We do not need a character that pushes the agenda to eliminate innocent children, the very audience that Disney princesses are created for. This is the insanity of Planned Parenthood.

Delete your account, Planned Parenthood.

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  1. This is getting to be insane! dont you already have influences out there ?planned parenthood? you come into our schools tell our children abortion is okay ,that a baby’s not a baby ,now you want to take Disney princesses too. come on now we all know that most little girls live up to disney princesses ,i you really want a little girl to live up to a princess that (remember most of the princesses are TEENAGERS) is sexually active ? trans is wrong okay ,just wrong .you are who God made you . if he wanted you to be a girl he would have made you a girl the same goes for girls who want to be a boy . that’s not an example for a child that i want to set for my kids (if i have any ) thanks for reading -Godbless


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