The Polish Bishops’ Conference has announced an act of entrustment of the nation and Church in Poland to Saint Joseph will take place at the National Shrine of Saint Joseph in central Poland.

Father Jacek Plota, the custodian of the shrine, said: “We carry out the testament of St. John Paul II which he left us during his stay in 1997. It is a prayer for the intention of defending unborn life and for the intention of families.” He said the shrine receives thousands of prayer intentions monthly.

After Saint Joseph’s, the entirety of the Holy Family will have been entrusted to Poland.

In a ceremony attended by President Andrzej Duda and Polish bishops at the Church of Divine Mercy in Krakow, together they made an official act of profession that marked the country’s 1050th anniversary of Catholicism on November 19th of 2016:

“We profess in face of God and Earth, that we need your rule. We profess, that you and only you have holy rights to us that never expired. Therefore with humility we bend our heads to you, The Lord of the Universe, and we recognize your rule over Poland and our whole nation, that lives in the motherland and away in the wide world. Hereby Poland in the 1,050th anniversary of its baptism, solemnly recognizes the rule of Jesus Christ.” 

Mary is also the official Queen of Poland. She was crowned Queen of Poland on April 1, 1656 by King Jan Kazimierz. On August 26, 1956, the Polish Church in the presence of about 1 million Faithful and government officials, repeated the pledge to her as Polish Queen.

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