The head of the Polish Bishop’s Conference is calling for other episcopates to support John Paul II being made a doctor of the church and patron of Europe.

Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki is the President of the Polish Bishop’s Conference and deputy head of the Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe.

Yesterday, Gadecki sent a letter addressed to all bishop conferences around the world asking they support the cause to name Pope Saint John Paul II a Doctor of the Church and a co-patron of Europe.

In his letter, Gadecki said John Paul II’s papacy “brought back from nonexistence” Europe’s Christian culture and heritage.

“Fifty years of Soviet domination in East-Central Europe painted an image in many people’s minds of Europe consisting only of Germany, France, the UK, Italy and the Scandinavian countries. One might say that John Paul II ‘brought back’ half of Europe from ‘nonexistence,’ he brought back grand and wonderful heritage of cultural and Christian roots.”

Gadecki said through his recognition of Europe’s common heritage of Christianity, John Paul II became a protector of Europe.

“The Polish Pope knew that the current cultural crisis is an epochal call to a wise return to the common historical heritage that Christianity is. In this regard, the saint Pope became a protector of European values that constitute an irremovable foundation of the modern-day civilization. Twenty-seven years of Pope John Paul II’s pontificate was a breakthrough to the Church and the world both in the terms of his teachings and social influence.”

On the late pope’s feast day in October of last year, Gadecki also sent a letter to Pope Francis asking John Paul II be named a Doctor of the Church and co-patron of Europe. Earlier that same month, the Polish Bishop’s Conference agreed to open the cause for canonization for Karol and Emilia Wojtyła, the parents of the late pope.

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