What does Pope Francis say makes him sad when he celebrates Mass in the Vatican? Seeing so many members of the Faithful with their cell phones out. His advice? “Remember: no phones.”

Pope Francis gave a fiery chastisement in a general audience address about churchgoers who spend their time at Mass talking to others, on their cellphones, or even taking pictures. Pope Francis spoke about how sad the sight is when celebrating Mass, saying

“It makes me so sad when I celebrate here in the Piazza or Basilica and I see so many raised cellphones, not just of the faithful, even of some priests and even bishops.”

Pope Francis spoke how Mass is a celebration of the Lord’s Supper that allows us to see and touch Jesus: a celebration of the Eucharist, which “is fundamental for us Christians to understand well the value and meaning of the Holy Mass to live more and more fully our relationship with God.”

The supreme pontiff reminded lay faithful to stay conscious of what Mass truly is about, and to show the proper reverence and respect deserving of it.

“The Mass is not a show; it is an encounter with the Lord’s passion and resurrection. The Lord is here with us, present. Many times we go here and there, we look around at things and chat among ourselves while the priest celebrates the Eucharist … but it is the Lord! Participating in the Mass means reliving the Lord’s passion and saving death.”

He then strongly condemned the use of cellphones to take pictures during papal Mass, saying

“At a certain point in the Mass the priest says, ‘lift up your hearts.’ He does not say ‘lift up your cell phones to take some pictures.’ No, that’s terrible!”

Pope Francis hopes his advice will help everyone rediscover the beauty “hidden in the Eucharistic celebration, and which, when revealed, gives a full meaning to the life of everyone.” His final thoughts? “Remember: no phones.”

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  1. I use my cellphone to follow the readings and gospel during the week I hope the priests realize this is what a lot of us are doing as the miselette does not cover weekdays…

  2. We have all our time to take picture after the mass has finished.
    We can always leave our phone on silent MODE,in case of EMERGENCY.
    We must not be distracted during the Mass specially during that GREAT moment when Jesus Christ is saying to us .THIS IS MY BODY

    May Almighty GOD bless you dear Pope Francis
    Your Faithfully

  3. I use my tablet for the readings at Mass, sometimes the reader is difficult to understand.
    Then weekdays I sometimes use the tablet at Mass to follow the prayers + responses.
    Also the office, daily prayer is available to download free on line, all parts conveniently in one place.
    I wouldn’t use my Tablet to take photos during Mass + have my mobile timed for silent during Mass.


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