The Holy Father again has shown his deep compassion and love for the sick at his weekly audience in St Peter’s Square. Showing no hesitance and displaying the living out of the Beatitudes that characterizes his Petrine ministry, Pope Francis embraced, kissed, and blessed a man with severe facial deformities. Pope Francis, while speaking with the man, gestured toward the sky in a private moment, in the midst of a crowded square. The name of the man and the cause of his disfigurement are unknown

The scene was reminiscent of another encounter the Holy Father had with a man disfigured by neurofibromatosis in St. Peter’s Square a few weeks ago that got international attention.

While it is certainly not a novel approach for the successors of St. Peter to care for and personally comfort the sick, disfigured, and poor, Pope Francis relationship with these people is sparking worldwide interest from both secular and religious media outlets in a way perhaps not seen before in the modern world.

May we all be so focused on sharing Christ’s example that we never recoil from comforting those in need.




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