Tackling the question as old as prayer itself why at times it seems our fervent pleas go unanswered, Pope Francis said that “every prayer is answered, in God’s time.”

The Holy Father’s comments on the nature of God answering the prayers of the Faithful comes from his weekly general audience in Saint Peter’s Square.

“How many times have we asked and not obtained – we all experience it – how many times have we knocked and found a closed door? Jesus urges us, in those moments, to insist and not to give up.”

Pope Francis said that Jesus Christ reminded us for the need to persevere in prayer when he taught the Our Father to the disciples “to pray and to insist in prayer.”

“He promised us: He is not like a father who gives a snake instead of a fish. There is nothing more certain: the desire for happiness that we all carry in our hearts will one day be fulfilled.”

The Holy Father reflected on the opening words Jesus taught the Disciples in the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father.”

“With these words Jesus lets us know that God always responds, that no prayer will remain unheard. Why? Because he is a Father, and he does not forget his children who suffer.”

For those that find themselves in distress thinking this truth is not evident in our daily lives, Pope Francis reminded that in those moments of what seems to be defeat, Christ teaches us to “insist and not give up.”

“Prayer always transforms reality: if things around us do not change, at least our hearts are changed. Jesus promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to every man and woman who prays. Praying is now the victory over loneliness and despair.”

Pope Francis stressed that even though it is assured to us that our prayers will be answered by God, they are answered on God’s time alone and not our own.

“We can be sure that God will answer. The only uncertainty is due to the time, but we do not doubt that He will answer. Maybe we will have to insist for a lifetime, but He will answer. Nothing is more certain: the desire for happiness we all carry in our heart will be fulfilled.”

Asking “whats at the end our road?” he reflected on life’s journey of prayer to close his address.

“At the end of prayer, at the end of a time when we are praying, at the end of life: what is there? There is a Father waiting for everything and waiting for everyone with his arms wide open. We look at this Father.”

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