At age 20, Livinius Esomchi Nnamani began his vocation entering the Order of the Mother of God in Southeastern Nigeria.

Shortly after taking his vows, he was diagnosed with leukemia and two years ago came to Italy to continue his studies at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas and receive better treatment. Not withstanding the grueling transfusions and targeted treatments, he pronounced his final vows last September.

His leukemia progressing and hospital stays becoming longer, he wrote to Pope Francis asking to be ordained. The Holy Father replied promptly on March 31st: yes. On April 1st, he was ordained a priest.

Bishop Daniele Libanori, an Auxiliary bishop of Rome, ordained Livinius a priest at the Presidio Sanitario Medica Group Casilino Hospital in Rome.

“With this gift, God the Father wants to sustain you so that you can fully live the trial to which he called you. As a priest, you will be joined with Jesus to make your body an offering pleasing to God. Our priesthood, indeed, reaches its peak when together with the bread and wine, we know how to offer all of ourselves, the things the Lord has given us, and our very lives.”

Father Livinius now minsters at the Casilino hospital to healthcare workers and other patients.

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  1. Life is a precious gift. Health is wealth. Wishing the Reverend Livinius Esomchi Nnamani good health. God bless.


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