Born Albino Luciani in 1921, Pope John Paul I reign as pope lasted only 33 days. He died in 1978 at the age of 65, shocking the world and Church still mourning the death of Pope Saint Paul VI. In 2017, Pope Francis declared him Venerable.

Now, Venerable John Paul I will soon be called blessed!

Pope Francis approved a miracle attributed to his intercession, the recovery of a an 11 year old girl from “severe acute inflammatory encephalopathy, a malignant refractory epileptic illness and septic shock” and “imminent death.”

“I took her to the pediatric hospital in Paraná and she was admitted to therapy. In a few hours, she was in a coma, on a respirator. She had convulsions and they tried different anticonvulsants, but nothing worked. She had no life expectancy. They even told me to go back to Paraná so that she would die at home.”

After being transferred 300 miles while intubated to an ICU in Buenos Aires, Roxana Sosa’s mother went to pray in the Catholic Church next the hospital. There, she met a priest who proposed entrusting her daughter to John Paul I. The nursing staff there joined them in prayer too.

“On July 23, 2011, unexpectedly, there was a rapid improvement in septic shock, which continued with the subsequent recovery of hemodynamic and respiratory stability.”

3 weeks later, she was discharged after making a complete recovery. After a Vatican investigation, the miracle was approved paving the way for the “smiling pope’s” beatification.

Although the date hasn’t been set, it’s possible it could be before Easter, with Pope Francis beatifying John Paul I at the Vatican.

Just last year, Pope Francis also established the Vatican John Paul I Foundation.

The foundation’s purpose is the promotion and dissemination of awareness of the thought, works and example of Pope John Paul I.

“His importance, as Saint John Paul II had pointed out, is inversely proportional to the length of his very short pontificate: ‘magis ostentus quam datus.'” 

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