Last month ago, Vatican doctors successfully separated conjoined twins with what was called “one of the rarest and most complex forms of cranial and cerebral fusion.”

After the operation, the twins mother Ermine Nzotto said she hoped Pope Francis would baptize her daughters.

“If we had stayed in Africa I don’t know what fate they would have had. Now that they are separate and well, I would like them to be baptized by Pope Francis who has always taken care of the children of Bangui.”

Last Thursday, her wish came true when Pope Francis baptized the twins at his Casa Santa Marta papal residence in Rome. Central African politician Antoinette Montaigne posted a photo on Twitter with the twins in their baptismal gowns:

After the baptism, Nzotto wrote Pope Francis a letter expressing her gratitude to him and the Church.

“Baptizing my miraculous Mary and Frances by Your Holiness assures me that God is truly close to the least. If tomorrow my daughters are able to be among the luckiest children on earth who go to school and learn what I do not know and which I now desire to know, and one day to be able to read Bible verses to my daughters, then it is not a Holy Door that you opened in Bangui in 2015, which closed a year later. Rather it is a bridge that you built for eternity, which needy people like me and people of goodwill like the team of doctors who are treating my separated inseparable ones can cross. Prayer is what can unite the people of the earth.”

She said she promises her prayers to Mary for Pope Francis because “knows better than her what to ask of the Virgin Mary for the world.”

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