Last Friday, Director of the Holy See Press Office Matteo Bruni confirmed Pope Francis and Joe spoke on Thursday over the phone but didn’t comment on the the contents of the call, nor who called whom.

The Biden-Harris transition team released a statement following the conversation where Pope Francis congratulated Biden on his victory:

“President-elect Joe Biden spoke this morning with His Holiness Pope Francis. The president-elect thanked His Holiness for extending blessings and congratulations and noted his appreciation for His Holiness’ leadership in promoting peace, reconciliation, and the common bonds of humanity around the world. The president-elect expressed his desire to work together on the basis of shared belief in the dignity and equality of all humankind on issues such as caring for the marginalized and the poor, addressing the crisis of climate change, and welcoming and integrating immigrants and refugees into our communities.”

A statement by US Conference of Catholic Bishops president Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles said US Bishops “recognize that Joseph R. Biden, Jr., has received enough votes to be elected the 46th President of the United States.”

“We congratulate Mr. Biden and acknowledge that he joins the late President John F. Kennedy as the second United States president to profess the Catholic faith. We also congratulate Sen. Kamala D. Harris of California, who becomes the first woman ever elected as vice president. Archbishop Gomez also called on all American Catholics to promote fraternity and mutual trust. The American people have spoken in this election. Now is the time for our leaders to come together in a spirit of national unity and to commit themselves to dialogue and compromise for the common good. As Catholics and Americans, our priorities and mission are clear. We are here to follow Jesus Christ, to bear witness to His love in our lives, and to build His Kingdom on earth. I believe that at this moment in American history, Catholics have a special duty to be peacemakers, to promote fraternity and mutual trust, and to pray for a renewed spirit of true patriotism in our country. We ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, patroness of this great nation, to intercede for us. Help us to work together to realize the beautiful vision of the missionaries and founders of the United States: a nation under God, where the holiness of all human life is defended and freedom of conscience and religion is guaranteed.”

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  1. Inexcusable. 260 bishops in the USA, 91 in Canada, not one worthy of obedience to Christ the King when they bow in obedience to this travesty. Some bishops priests monsignors and cardinals are good men but they’ve been castrated by culture and politics. Perversion is sin and it blinds/deafens/numbs mankind. How about returning to the Trinity, the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls left in their care. Enough ecumenical outreach, get back the baptized who deserve better. Then the laity can claw out the truth, when it isn’t freely offered. Let disgust fuel our lack of cooperation with evil, and our full cooperation with the divine will and His grace. Amen.

    • Ecce Crucem Domini!
      Fugite partes adversae!
      Vicit Leo de tribu Juda,
      Radix David! Alleluia!
      Saint Anthony of Padua, pray for us. For Italy.
      Saint Teresa of Avila, pray for us. For Rome.
      Blood of Christ Crucified, cleanse the Vatican.


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