Yesterday, Pope Francis met with Brazilian bishops during their visit to Rome.

Amongst themselves, the bishops wondered what gift they should bring for their pope.

“I asked them, what gift can we give Pope Francis? And they told me: a headdress!”

Pope Francis asked “Is it a miter?” to which the bishops said “the women made a miter for the mister.”

Pope Francis couldn’t help but share his sense of humor after trying it on!

“Can you imagine if I showed up in St. Peter’s wearing this?”

During their meeting, Pope Francis urged the bishops to “listen to indigenous peoples, listen to base communities, the Holy Spirit works through these people, the poor of the Church, and you are on the border, you are with the poorest, you are where I would like to be.”

Photo credit: Vatican Media, Free Use
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    • Yet they think nothing of cutting down and burning trees, burning tires, and poisoning water resevoirs with contaminanted oil any time their marxist leaders want to extort money for problems which their socialist ideology caused. So much for “pacha mamá”, eh?


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