Yesterday, Pope Francis issued an apostolic letter that saw cardinal’s receiving a 10% pay cut, priests 3%, and Vatican department heads and secretaries 8%.

Citing the deficit of the Holy See, Pope Francis said the measures were designed to avoid the need for job cuts.

“An economically sustainable future today requires, among other decisions, the adoption of measures concerning staff salaries. Although the Holy See and the Vatican City State are adequately capitalized, it is necessary to ensure sustainability and a balance between income and expenditure in current economic and financial management.

The apostolic letter also implemented a two-year freeze on seniority pay increases for all employees except for lower-level lay workers. However, the cut’s won’t not apply if the person can show they wouldn’t be able to meet their or relatives healthcare needs.

Father Juan A. Guerrero S.J., prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy, said: “The protection of jobs and wages has been a priority for us so far.”

“Pope Francis insists that saving money does not have to mean firing employees, he is very sensitive to the situation of families.”

Read the full motu proprio below.

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