On Friday, the Office of Papal Charities announced Pope Francis had made a donation of thirty-five ventilators to overwhelmed hospital systems in developing countries.

The Office of Papal Charities, led by Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, said in a statement that along with the donation Pope Francis also “expresses his closeness to countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those with more distressed healthcare systems.”

The statement also broke down where each of the thirty-five ventilators went:

“Four for Haiti, two for the Dominican Republic, two for Bolivia, four for Brazil, three for Colombia, two for Ecuador and three for Honduras, three were sent to Mexico, four to Venezuela, two to Cameroon, two to Bangladesh, two to Ukraine and two to Zimbabwe (through the local Episcopal Conference).”

The donation come at a time when the number of coronavirus cases worldwide surpassed ten million people yesterday.

This is not Pope Francis’ first time donating ventilators during the pandemic: in late April he donated thirty ventilators and other medical supplies to hospitals in Romania, Italy, and Spain in celebration of his name day, the feast of Saint George.

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