Brazil has not reported less than ten thousand daily new cases of COVID-19 since May 18th, nearly two months ago.

As the number of new cases – and deaths – increase in the South American country, Pope Francis donated four ventilators to the country, one of which arrived Sunday and was presented to the Campanha de Marabá Hospital in a small ceremony the day after.

On Monday, the ventilator along with a temperature monitor was presented to the hospital by Bishop Vital Corbellini of Marabá who said the donation “was a beautiful charitable action of Pope Francis through the Apostolic Nunciature” and it will “save as many lives as possible.”

Bishop Corbellini added that they requested the ventilator was “used especially for the Indigenous Peoples, because they are the most in need.”

“The Pope cares about Indigenous Peoples whose rights are often violated. Their lands, forests and rivers are occupied, so it is necessary to look after them with affection and help them live well. Now we have this device that can help save lives. That is why we are delivering it here – to this very important hospital of Marabá.”

According to the Department of Health of the State of Amapá, 91 percent of the beds in intensive care are occupied. Of the ten beds ‘reserved’ for for indigenous patients with COVID-19 at the hospital, two are occupied.

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