Speaking on the addictive nature of technology, Pope Francis warned “don’t be slaves to your mobile phones.”

The Holy Father gave his off-the-cuff comments at the Paul VI Audience Hall, receiving an audience of students, family, and teachers from Rome’s Visconti High School to celebrate the Jubilee Year of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga.

“The cell phone can become a drug. This dependency on cell phones is very subtle, very subtle. When you become a slave to your mobile phone, you will lose your freedom. Free yourself from the addiction to mobile phones.”

Pope Francis spoke that mobile phones can reduce people to just “contacts,” making relationships impersonal.

“Cell phones are for communicating, for communication, and it is so good for us to communicate. But be careful, there is a danger that communication is reduced to mere ‘contacts.’ And life is not about ‘contacting,’ it is about communicating!”

He reminded those in attendance at the Paul VI Audience Hall that today begins Holy Week, culminating in Easter Sunday as the foundation of Catholic hope.

“It is also a time of renewal for the soul, a time to blossom!

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