Pope Francis responded to a letter from Jesuit Father James Martin, whose LGBT ministry has been called controversial.

He encouraged Martin to “keep working in the culture of encounter, which shortens the distances and enriches us with differences.”

“In fact, the pandemic made us seek alternatives to shorten the distances. In the same manner of Jesus, who made himself close to everyone.

It also taught us that certain things are irreplaceable, among them the possibility to look at each other ‘face to face’ even with those who think differently or those whose differences seem to separate or even confront us.”

He added that through overcoming barriers “we realize that there is more that unites us than separates us.”

Martin sent his letter informing Pope Francis of the outcome of the annual Outreach LGBTQ Catholic Ministry Conference, which was at Fordham University on June 24th to June 25th.

Martin sent a similar letter last year, in which Pope Francis expressed support for his ministry and told him to “continue this way.”

In 2019, they met in the Vatican for a 30-minute private meeting.

Martin said he took the meeting as a “clear sign of his deep pastoral care for LGBT Catholics and LGBT people worldwide.”

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  1. The utter contempt shown for cisgendered, heteronormative, lifelong monogamous families by this new theology of promiscuity and spreading disease shows who the true author of this theology is- and it ain’t christ.


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