Last Saturday, members of the clergy and lay scholars from around the world issued to Pope Francis a formal filial correction, the first in over six hundred years since the filial correction of Pope John XXII in 1333.

The filial correction is a twenty-five page letter entitled Correctio Filialis De Haeresibus Propagatis, Latin for “Filial Correction Concerning the Propagation of Heresies.” The letter was delivered to the Supreme Pontiff to his residence in Santa Marta on August 11th and made public on September 23rd after receiving no official response.

62 various clergy members and lay scholars have signed the letter, including Bishop Bernard Fellay of the Society of Saint Pius X. In the letter, its signatories accuse Pope Francis of holding “7 heretical positions about marriage, the moral life, and the reception of the sacraments.”

Composed in three parts, the letter cites his apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia along with “other, related, words, deeds and omissions,” as the basis for its writing.

The first part of the letter outlines the basis why the 62 signatories believe they have the right and duty to issue such a filial correction to Pope Francis. They say they are not in conflict with papal infallibility, as Pope Francis has not met the criteria for his positions to be considered infallible.

The second part lists the passages of Amoris Laetitia they believe to contain heretical positions, and how they believe through its wording it is Pope Francis’ intention that these passages be interpreted in a heretical manner.

In the final part of the letter, the signatories discuss what they believe to be the cause for supposed heretical positions. They reference both modernism and the influence of Martin Luther as causes.

It finishes with the letter stating that their filial correction is not an accusation of formal heresy, and that they have no authority to determine if formal heresy has occurred, and if it did occur they do not have the authority to determine if Pope Francis is culpable.

The full text of the document and the list of its 62 signatories can be found here.

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  1. What was the filial correction of Pope John XXII about? What was his response? What was the result? Would appreciate some expository on your lede.

  2. It is about time some in the Catholic community grew a set! So to speak!
    Pope Francis had become full of himself!
    His abominable picture that was taken with My President, that of a five year old child with sour candy! Shameful!

  3. May it Be Suggested that Good Pope Francis be pleased to recall some leading Creditable Theologians to a meeting where Misericordia Die and it’s functioning could be re-studied keeping in mind the teachings of Christ and of the Ecclesia since His Resurrection-Ascension so that we all could be Enlightened as if Pentecostally?

  4. Wow…. I am sorry but are you people JUDGING?
    Not Very Religious or Christian of you!!!! . What are YOU full of yourselves.? Grow up and go into to confession and clean your thoughts , mouth and actions. You are not GOD to Judge any one in your life time.

    • This comment is funny. You are criticizing judgment while judging other peoples behavior. Have you studied the Bible or do you just like to take verses (or thoughts in this case) out of their context? We are to correct (judge their actions wrong) those in the Church and especially in high offices if they are in sin. Of course if you refer to Deanna her attitude towards her president is not a cause of correction and she should reflect on her own issues.


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