The Supreme Pontiff is showing his light hearted nature with the decoration of the door to his personal room.

Pope Francis added a sign on the door to his private quarters at the Domus Santa Marta, where he has lived since the beginning of his papacy in March of 2013. He received the sign at the tail end of a general audience last Friday on June 14th by author and psychologist, Salvo Noé. The sign reads:


Violators are under the influence of I’m a victim syndrome with a resulting decrease in sense of humor and in the capacity to solve problems.

Punishment will be double if the violation is committed in the presence of children.

In order to become the best “you,” you must concentrate on your own potential and not on your own limitations.

Stop complaining and get busy making your life better.

In addition to the sign, Salvo gave Pope Francis a book and bracelet. Francis showed his gratitude and said to him, “I will put it outside my office door where I receive people.” However, thinking the sign would appear out of place at the Apostolic Palace, he opted to place it on the door to his personal residence at Santa Marta.

Pope Francis meeting with Salvo Noe in Saint Peter’s Square.

Pope Francis smiled and pointed out the sign to one of his visitors to Santa Marta, an elderly Italian priest and long time friend of the Pontiff, as they were leaving his residence. The priest took a picture and received permission to share the image.

The sign echoes the previous sentiments of Pope Francis, who in recent years has warned us against the perils of excessive complaining over small worldly problems. A few months after his election to the papacy, he delivered a homily in the chapel of his residence where he said “Sometimes these melancholic Christians’ faces have more in common with pickled peppers than the joy of having a beautiful life,” urging us to focus on the joy in life.

A year later, in another homily of his daily morning Masses in Santa Marta, he said:

“Our life is too easy, our complaints are over-dramatized. Faced with the complaints of so many people, of so many brothers and sisters who are in the dark, who have lost all memory, almost lost all hope – who are experiencing this exile from themselves, who are exiled, even from themselves, our complaints are nothing!”


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