Pope Francis expressed his condolences for the tragic plane crash that occurred in Nepal on Sunday, January 16th, in which at least 69 people lost their lives.

The Pope sent a condolence telegram to Nepal’s President, Bidya Devi Bhandari, through Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

The ill-fated Yeti Airlines flight 691 was attempting to land in the city of Pokhara when the crash occurred.

The plane was carrying 72 passengers, including 15 foreign nationals from India, Russia, South Korea, Argentina, France, Ireland, and Australia.

In the telegram, Cardinal Parolin conveyed the Pope’s message:

“Saddened by the crash of the yeti airlines aircraft near pokhara, his holiness pope francis sends his condolences to you and to all affected by this tragedy, together with his prayers for those involved in the recovery efforts.

Commending the souls of the deceased to the Mercy of the almighty, his holiness invokes upon those who mourn their loss the divine blessings of healing and peace.”

Pray for the victims of plane crash in Nepal!


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