Yesterday, Pope Francis prayed the Sunday Angelus with, and gave an address to, the Faithful present in Saint Peter’s Square.

He turned his thoughts towards the “numerous popular protests all over the world” that “in these weeks we are witnessing.”

Pope Francis said those participating are “expressing the growing unease of civil society in the face of particularly critical political and social situations.”

He offered his advice to protestors urging them “to present their demands peacefully, without giving in to the temptation of aggression and violence.”

To those being protested, he made an “appeal to all those with public and governmental responsibilities to listen to the voice of their fellow citizens and to meet their just aspirations, ensuring full respect for human rights and civil liberties.”

He also offered his advice to “ecclesial communities living in such contexts, under the guidance of their Pastors, to work for dialogue, always in favor of dialogue, and in favor of reconciliation – we have talked about forgiveness, reconciliation.”

He ended his address, asking the pilgrims to “please do not forget to pray for me.”

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  1. ⚘✝️⚘No true disciple of Christ will advocate for injustice or be on the side of racism. It’s a disgrace to the Ministry and Evangelical Mission of Christ when an Amoral Character like Trump is seen as a Flag bearer for “Anti Abortion”. Promiscuity engendered in Trump is at the root of “Unwanted Pregnancies”. It is a disgrace to the Ministry of Christ to have true Catholics cheering for someone with Hitler style Agenda using COVID-19. Trump acknowledges 5% Mortality of COVID-19 to Woodward on tape; he then proceeded to “play down” for Stock Market gains the danger facing Americans while pushing for “Herd Immunity”. Anyone who passed Elementary Statistics knows that 5% of 300M people dead under “Herd Immunity” is 15M. With disproportionate impact on Blacks and Colored folks, majority of the 15M to be sacrificed will be those Trump most despised.

    🔥Hitler never openly professed Genocidal behavior in the way Trump has. Matt 5:44-45 should be the guide for True Disciples of Christ. JPII stood up to Communist Evil, gallantly. The Church needs to stand with Oppressed people with “Boots on their neck” like George Floyd, not with Morally Bankrupt or Intellectually dishonest leadership of this World. Peace of Christ to all the Faithful.⚘✝️⚘

    • You are clueless and spiteful. Trump is the perfect man for the job and especially for Christians. God is behind him. We’re losing our country Wake up. God doesn’t choose perfect men for the Job he chooses perfect men for the job. Thank God for Trump.

  2. Negotiation within times of overt terrorism is fruitless. Evil fruit grows from evil trees. Good trees bear good fruit. The end can never justify the means. Never debate the devil. Crush him into submission through prayer and fasting and penance and reparation for offences against the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Keep the senses fastened on Christ Crucified. The humility of Our Lady and Saint Joseph exhibits perfect coercive power over evil. Our fidelity to the Holy Family of Nazareth must be our only priority, from the child in the womb, to the Pope.


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