Pope Francis met with members of the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE) at the Vatican today.

“At this moment, and I will say especially European families, are living in a tragic and dramatic moment.” 

He spoke about challenges facing families today, calling easy access to pornography one of the greatest threats:

“The scourge of pornography, now spread everywhere via the Web, must be denounced as a permanent attack on the dignity of men and women. It is not only a matter of protecting children-the urgent task of the authorities and all of us-but also of declaring pornography as a threat to public health. It would be a serious illusion to think that a society in which abnormal consumption of sex on the internet is rampant among adults is then capable of effectively protecting minors.”

The answer to fight pornography starts in the family, “in cooperation with schools and local communities” which “are key to preventing and combating this scourge, healing the wounds of those in the vortex of addiction.”

He ended his address with a blessing, and encouraged families to be “ready to respond to the demands of the Gospel” and “go forth in your service to make the Church become more of a family of families.”

🙏 Pray for families everywhere!

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