On Sunday, Pope Francis declared a worldwide day of prayer for peace in Ukraine.

At the end of his address to his Wednesday general audience, Pope Francis made an appeal: “Please, no more war.”

He urged all to pray for peace in Ukraine often.

“I invite you to pray for peace in Ukraine and to do so often throughout this day. Let us ask the Lord insistently that this land may see fraternity flourish and overcome wounds, fears, and divisions.”

Pope Francis also reminded the world of the loss the Ukrainian people suffered last during World War II.

“Think that more than five million were annihilated during the time of the last war. They are a suffering people; they have suffered hunger, they have suffered so much cruelty and they deserve peace.” 

With the threat of a Russian-Ukrainian conflict looming, he said:

“May the prayers and invocations that are being raised to heaven today touch the minds and hearts of those in positions of authority on earth, so that dialogue may prevail and the good of all be put before the interests of one side. Please, no more war.”

The Vatican’s Foreign Minister also spoke on the day of prayer for Ukraine, saying war deprives those of their fundamental human rights.

“It is even more scandalous to see that those who suffer most from conflicts are not those who decide whether or not to start them but are above all those who are just defenseless victims. It is truly sad to see entire populations torn apart by so much suffering caused not by natural disasters or events beyond human control, but by the ‘hand of man,’ by actions made not in a violent outburst, but carefully calculated and carried out in a systematic way.”

Pray with Pope Francis for Ukraine! 🙏

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