Pope Francis said he reacted to the accusations of heresy made against him in an open letter signed by theologians and scholars late last April “with a sense of humor.”

Last month on April 30th, 90 signatories made up of prominent theologians and religious scholars issued an open letter accusing Pope Francis of committing heresy. Entitled “Open letter to the bishops of the Catholic Church,” saying the Holy Father showed himself to support “seven propositions contradicting divinely revealed truth.”

When Mexican journalist Valentina Alazraki asked him in an interview on Tuesday how he responded to the accusations of heresy, Pope Francis said he did so “with a sense of humor and fatherly tenderness.”

“It does not hurt me at all. Hypocrisy and lies hurt me, these hurt me. But such a mistake, where there are even people who have filled their heads with – no, please, you have to take care of them too.”

He denied the accusations, saying they are false and that some of the accusers must have been deceived.

“I also pray for them because they are wrong and poor people, some are manipulated. And who are those who signed…?”

The full interview is available in Spanish here.

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  1. a sense of humor? the poor thing needs a wake up call…. he’s rearranging deck chairs while whistling to himself on the titanic….
    he knew nothing of mccarrick, calls an archbishop a “guy”, uses rainbow jesuits to advance the cause of acceptance of homosexual acts & relies on german bishops who have sold the faith for silver & gold…


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