On the Feast of the Holy Family, Pope Francis called on families everywhere to communicate and get off their phones at the dinner table.

Pope Francis’ comments on communication came his Sunday Angelus address to the Faithful in Saint Peter’s Square on the Feast of the Holy Family.

“Mary, Joseph and Jesus: the Holy Family of Nazareth. They prayed, worked, and communicated. May the Holy Family be the model of our families, so that parents and children support one another in adherence to the Gospel, foundation of the family’s holiness.”

He questioned whether families talk to each other, or if they let phones come between them at the table and silence themselves, saying that “the family is a precious treasure: we must always support and protect it.”

“And I wonder: in your family, are you able to communicate or are you like those kids at table, each one with his mobile phone while they are chatting? At that table there seems to be a silence as if they were at Mass, but they don’t communicate with one another.”

He called on families everywhere to follow the example set by the Holy Family, and charged them with the commission of communicating amongst themselves.

“We need to retake communication within the family: parents, children, grandparents and siblings must communicate with each other. This is your assignment for today for the feast of the Holy Family.”

At the end of his address, he wished all a happy new year and for families to communicate with each other.

“I greet all and wish all a happy Sunday and a serene New Year. Let us end the year in peace, peace of heart: I wish you this. And in the family, communicating with one another.”

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