Pope Francis compared our times to not unlike that of the Flood, commenting on the many wars being waged today, which are paid for by “the weak, the poor, and children.”

The Holy Father’s comments came from his homily during Mass celebrated at the Casa Santa Marta on Tuesday. He said today’s world is similar to the Biblical flood of Noah’s time “because others throw bombs as if they were candy”

“I don’t think our times are better than those of the flood; I don’t think so. Calamities are more or less the same; the victims are more or less the same. Let’s think about the example of the weakest: children. The many hungry children and children without education cannot grow in peace. Many are without parents because they have been massacred in war –  child soldiers – Let us just think about those children.”

Pope Francis said “the weak, the poor, children, and those who have no resources to carry on” are the “great calamity of today” in ultimately paying the cost of war. He highlighted God’s suffering when he sees the evil of men, and that God “regretted” His creation so much He wiped them from the face of the Earth in the Flood. A God with emotion, who is “not abstract” and “suffers.”

“These are the feelings of God, God the Father who loves us – and love is a relationship. He is able to get angry and to feel rage.”

In light of all the world’s suffering from unjust wars, Pope Francis said we need to ask for the grace to feel pain when we see others suffer in order to have “a heart like the heart of God – one made in the likeness of God.”

“Let us consider that the Lord is pained in His heart, and let us draw near to the Lord and speak to Him, saying: ‘Lord, observe these things; I understand you.’ Let us console the Lord: ‘I understand you, and I am with you. I accompany you in prayer and intercede for all of these calamities which are the fruit of the devil who wants to destroy the work of God.”

Watch a subtitled portion Pope Francis’ homily below:




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