Pope Francis gave parents a word of advice to help them transmit the faith: its okay to fight, but never in front of your children.

The Holy Father’s comments came from his homily on Sunday’s Mass celebrating the Solemnity of the Baptism of Our Lord. Inside the Sistine Chapel, Pope Francis baptized twenty seven babies and invited parents to transmit the Faith to their children.

“You have asked the Church for faith for your children, and today they will receive the Holy Spirit and the gift of faith in each one’s heart and soul. But this faith must be developed; it must grow.”

Pope Francis said parents should transmit the Faith by setting examples and through their words, because “the faith is always transmitted in dialect” at home.

“With your faith-filled lives, may they see Jesus there.”

However, the Holy Father sternly decried fighting in front of the children, saying
“you have no idea the anguish it causes a child to see his or her parents fight.” He said its normal parent’s fight, but don’t let children see it.

“Never fight in front of your children. It’s normal that parents should argue; the opposite would be strange. Do it, but without letting them hear or see.”

This advice, he said, “will help you to transmit the faith.” Concluding his Homily, he addressed the mothers present tasked with keeping their children comfortable during the long celebration:

“To you mothers I say: Breastfeed your children, don’t worry. The Lord wants this.”

You can watch the full Mass of the Baptism of the Lord celebrated in the Sistine Chapel last Sunday below:



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