Pope Francis received an invitation to visit Kyiv from the mayor of the city.

According to the Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine Archbishop Visvaldas Kulbokas, the visit is technically possible, but the danger of any gatherings with the pope make it unlikely.

“Three prime ministers arrived to Kyiv — the prime ministers of Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia. So, logistically speaking, yes, it is possible to come to Kyiv. know that Pope Francis wants to do all that is possible for him in order to contribute for peace, so I know for sure that he is evaluating, he is thinking about all the possibilities.”

Staying hopeful for a visit for peace, Kulbokas said the situation is currently “dramatic” and it would be far “too dangerous in Kyiv” to do so.

He believes the war in Ukraine has a spiritual side too, and it means “God wants to tell us something.”

“The Blessed Virgin Mary is the one able to face these satanic deeds.”

Kulbokas added that Pope Francis’ upcoming consecration of Ukraine and Russia to Mary is not enough, and “all the believers” should join him.

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  1. Thus wrote Mahatma Gandhi: “I contend that non-violent acts exert pressure far more effective than violent acts, for the pressure comes from goodwill and gentleness.”


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