The Holy See Press Office announced Pope Francis will visit the Italian city of L’Aquila on August 28th.

There, Pope Francis will give an address and open the Jubilee of Forgiveness, first opened by Pope Celestine V in 1294.

Pope Celestine V was the first pope ever to resign the papacy, sparking speculation given Pope Francis will visit his tomb as Pope Benedict XVI did years before he became the second pope to resign the papacy.

Unsurprisingly, the official itinerary doesn’t make mention of a visit to the tomb of Celestine V or a resignation.

However, the trip is scheduled to take place exactly one day after he appoints 21 new cardinals, and after the trip he plans to meet with the College of Cardinals to discuss the new Vatican constitution.

In the past, Pope Francis praised Benedict XVI for his decision to resign, saying he “is the first and maybe there will be others. We don’t know.”

After his colon surgery last September though, Pope Francis said resigning “didn’t even cross my mind.”

“There was something about me resigning. Whenever a Pope is ill, there is always a breeze or a hurricane of conclave. [Laughter.]”

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