When Italy’s coronavirus lock down began, Pope Francis started reciting the Regina Coeli from the library of the Apostolic Palace on a livestream.

Now for the first time in three months, on Pentecost Sunday at noon Rome time (click here to find out when in your timezone), the Holy Father will return to his private study with a window overlooking Saint Peter’s Square to pray with the pilgrims there and give his address.

“This Sunday, May 31, at 10:00 am, the Holy Father will celebrate Holy Mass on the day of Pentecost, without the participation of the faithful, at the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament in the Vatican Basilica. At 12:00, from his usual office window of Apostolic Palace, the recitation of the Regina Caeli prayer with the faithful in St. Peter’s Square will resume.”

The Holy See Press Office said law enforcement will be there to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed.

“The police will guarantee safe access to the square and will ensure that the faithful present can respect the necessary interpersonal distance.”

Pentecost Sunday is the second occasion pilgrims will be able to receive a blessing from Pope Francis, the first having been on Ascension Sunday when he returned to Saint Peter’s Square for the first time in ten weeks.

Those entering the Square had to wear face masks and follow strict social distancing guidelines enforced by law enforcement present.

Watch Faithful in Saint Peter’s Square receive a blessing from Pope Francis for the first time in over ten weeks:

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