During Pope Francis’  Wednesday General Audience at St. Peter’s, the Holy Father gave an Argentine parish Priest a lift he will remember forever. While driving through the the square, Pope Francis noticed the priest, Father Fabian Baez, and gestured to him. The Priest was allowed through the security barricades and ran to the Pontiff exclaiming “Santo Padre!”

Fr. Baez was warmly embraced by the Pontiff. who asked him to join him in the Popemobile. Father Baez was allowed to continue in the Popemobile for the entire ride around the square and was seated a reserved area for the audience. At the end of the Papal Audience the two talked briefly again before Pope Francis returned to Casa Santa Marta.

Father Baez tweeted about the experience on his personal Twitter account. His tweet in Spanish is translated as: “I will change my bio. poor priest who took the popemobile today with the #PapaFrancisco”

Father Fabian Baez is a parish priest at the Our Lady of the Pillar church in the pope’s former Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. According to Catholic News Service, the Vatican Press office said Pope Francis said the priest “was a great confessor”.

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