During his Sunday Angelus address to pilgrims in Saint Peter’s Square, Pope Francis called for January 26th to be a day of prayer for peace in Ukraine.

With the threat of a Russian invasion mounting, Pope Francis said:

“I am following with concern the increase of tensions that threaten to inflict a new blow to the peace in Ukraine, and call into question the security of the European continent, with wider repercussions.”

With nearly 100,000 troops at the Ukrainian border, Pope Francis added that “those who pursue their own interests, to the detriment of others, disregard their human vocation, as we were all created as brothers and sisters.”

“For this reason, and with concern, given the current tensions, I propose that next Wednesday, January 26, be a day of prayer for peace.”

“I make a heartfelt appeal to all people of good will, that they may raise prayers to God Almighty, that every political action and initiative may serve human brotherhood, rather than partisan interests.” 

Catholic Bishops in Europe also called for prayer for peace in Ukraine.

“At this extremely delicate time, we ask Christians to pray for the gift of peace in Ukraine so that those responsible may be filled with, and radiate, a peace that is ‘contagious’ and that the crisis will be overcome exclusively through dialogue.”

Pray with Pope Francis for Ukraine! 🙏

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