Newly inaugurated President Donald Trump signed an executive order reinstating “The Mexico City Policy” which states that foreign non-governmental organizations may not receive funding from the United States federal government if they promote abortion as family planning.

The policy gets its name from where it was first announced at the United Nations International Conference on Population in Mexico City in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan.

The Mexico City policy has become a bellwether of an incoming president’s views on abortion. President Clinton overturned the policy on January 22, 1993. President George W. Bush reinstated it January 22, 2001. President Barack Obama overturned it on January 23, 2009.

President Trump signed the order one day after the Anniversary of Roe V. Wade and just days ahead of the March for Life in Washington D.C.

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  1. It’s the minimum Trump had to do. He has a LONG, LONG way to go before he’ll convince me he’s repented of his strident pro-choice stances over many years and praise of Planned Parenthood as late as this time last year.

  2. Finally someone (Mr Trump) stands up against irresponsible dumb behaviour. By far most abortions are done due to ignorance on birth control or just women ‘changing their minds’. How DARE these ‘women’s rights’ organizations take it to the streets now? Total twisted world. How is it in any way logical that the US residents should keep giving money to the government to pay for ignorant actions by ignorant women. Why not at least spend money on proper birth control educations and the implications of getting pregnant.

  3. Thomas, If only there were an organization to educate women on their options, birth control etc.! Oh wait! There is! Planned parenthood!

  4. “foreign non-governmental organizations may not receive funding from the United States federal government if they promote abortion as family planning”

    Can any you actually name ONE foreign non-governmental organization in the arena of family planning that we currently fund? You see they still can receive funding for abortion from the US if they are

    a government organization
    A private hospital
    do not have a family planning program

    So this is just a ruse to keep people who don’t read beyond a tagline or headline satisfied. It looks good from 1000 feet in the air – but get closer and realize this actually has 0 impact on saving the life of a child.

  5. He’s no hero, abortions will still take place. Instead of having one in a clinic or a hospital, women will be forced to “do it themselves” (coat hangers, drano, etc…) or go to a cheap “doctor”. Very common practices in developing and third world countries. Especially young girls who have been raped or kidnapped (think Boko Haram). This is a step back for the prolife movement dear Catholic brothers and sisters. Babies AND mothers will be lost. Let’s focus on making a better world where mothers are going to actually want to have their babies. God bless

      • If you’re talking to me, I’m not “whining”, no need for disrespect… Do some research, i am from a developing country, it’s way more than 2%, and even if you’re right, doesn’t the life of those 2% of mothers count also? This thing Trump just signed does absolutely nothing to protect the life of the babies. Peace

  6. The solution to a crisis pregnancy is to eliminate the crisis not the pregnancy! Let’s focus on making the world a place where a woman’s capacity to grow new life is reverentially respected and honoured, no matter the circumstances! Why should a woman feel she must mutilate her body and snuff out the life growing in her womb, because of fear or dread or pressure or ambition? It’s a cruel vindictive world that forces a woman to choose what is best for herself and her body rather than supporting her natural reproductive gift that keeps humanity thriving, in every way, in every circumstance.

    • Could someone please tell me why the best birth control is not taught in the church?? Why is sin no longer sin?? Fornication, adultery,incest, child abuse,pornography and the list goes on. The guilty are blaming society for their sin. The choice was made when two people had sexual relations and innocent people should not be made to pay for someone else’s sin. Jesus Paid our sin debt with His Blood and He is the only One that can Forgive us.

  7. As a birthmom, I choose life for my baby. I chose to give my baby to a family who could provide a life for her that I did not have the resources to do. Before everyone jumps to abortion there are other options out there and can make a family complete

  8. I have 7 children and I wouldn’t change a thing. I knew what it took to be pregnant or not to be….some of these women in my eyes are playing stupid!!! If you don’t want to become pregnant than practice abstinence, tie your tubes… Come on be smart. No one ever paid for my means of birth control. These women that abort should think
    about the old saying, for every action there is a reaction. This is just the beginning of what needs to be done by President Trump..

  9. May holy spirit continue to guard you( my God sent Donald Trump) to reinforce the faith of the true worshippers of Christ for this is gradually turning to Sodom and Gomorrah.

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