After converting to Catholicism, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, a member of the Royal Family of Monaco, was removed from her distant position in the line of succession for the British Crown.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover is the only child of Prince Ernst August of Hanover and Princess Caroline of Monaco. She was born on July 20, 1999, at Vöcklabruck, in Upper Austria. Alexandra is the only one of Princess Caroline’s four children who bear any royal style or title. Through her father, she is descended from Victoria, Princess Royal, the eldest child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Princess Alexandra was baptized as a Lutheran in keeping with the rest of the family on 19 September 1999, by the leader of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Hanover in a ceremony at her father’s hunting lodge. After deciding to follow her mother Princess Caroline’s footsteps, she was removed from her far place in the British line of succession after becoming Catholic.

The British Monarch is the head of the established Church of England, barring Catholics and any other non-Protestants from ascending to the throne. While the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013 allows heirs to marry Catholics and non-Protestants, they are still banned from becoming sovereign and must be in communion with the Church of England.

While barred from the British throne, Princess Alexandra of Hanover is still 12th in line for the Monegasque throne. You can find the first 17 people in line for the British crown here.

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  1. This literally doesn’t matter. Her Royal Highness is so far down the line of succession, the likelihood of her ever taking the throne as a Protestant are only slightly less as a Catholic.

  2. this race word kept coming up. why?? we are all members of the human race, your skin tone and where you come from on this planet has go meaning when it comes to race. the Church of England are fools in a sense because even the Queen of England and her off springs are not the true royal family. they are just the “bastard” of a king . the true line of the royal kings and queens of the past are Aussie and farmers who do not give a hoot. they are happy were they are. O am mad to learn that the Church of England had a big role in translating the beautiful latin rite to english by those fools that were involved in Vatican II. they destroyed Mass and made it into a freak show instead of a place of honor and worship to Christ who died for us. the real issue is to gather more young people with the latin rite and read the Vatican of the lavender gay gang, masons and other left leading people. and bring HIS CHURCH back to HIM and not in satan’s hand and his earthly demons.

  3. That’s the rule. And the princess nust have weighed everthing in her mind. She has such an admirably strong character to make that hard decision to choose what is essential.


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